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Mold/Lead Paint Remediation

Lead-based paint

Many structures built before 1960 contain heavily leaded paint, and some structures built before the 1980s may also contain lead-based paint. Originally, lead-based pain was used to help the pain last longer, but it was soon discovered that the consumption of lead-based paint dust and the chipping of lead-based paint can be hazardous, especially to small children.

If your home was built in or before 1978, HTI recommends your home be tested for lead-based paint before doing any home renovations.

HTI Contractors are certified for lead-based paint remediation and the removal of lead-based paint from your home or workspace. Most lead-based paint in your home that is in good condition is not hazardous, but HTI does suggest removing the paint from your home if the condition worsens or if you are already having work completed on your home. We help detect and remove the lead-based paint.


Mold is also a major concern for health risks today and can be found in many different areas in your home, especially those where you’ve had a leak or water damage. Mold in your home or workplace can cause major health concerns, which is where HTI comes in to help. We specialize in the removal of mold in your home and workplace to prevent any health ricks to your family or coworkers. We handle the detection and removal of mold and thoroughly check other areas of your space to ensure the mold will not spread.

If you have lead-based paint or mold in your home or workspace, you can rely on us to thoroughly remove any trace of these issues.


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